Our Mission

Help your employees thrive

Our passionate team of mental health experts, data scientists and serial entrepreneurs are paving the way for a better, brighter future for employees and employers

We see a new and innovative generation of thinking in corporate wellness and we are spearheading the way to a better future

WellBe - Workplace Wellbeing that Works
WellBe - Workplace Wellbeing that Works

The Journey

Happier and more engaged employees

Our state of the art psychological wellbeing assessment helps identify their strengths and development areas. Based on this data we provide a personalised wellbeing plan that includes content, webinars, services & product recommendations and assign a wellbeing specialist to support your employees to be at their best, happiest, most engaged and productive.

All your employees have to do is show up and we'll guide you through the rest

Workplace Wellbeing 

The Problem

2020 saw the biggest hit to mental health since the second world war

Depression is the largest cause of disability worldwide


is what workplace stress costs UK businesses per year


is the cost of absenteeism per year from sick leave during working hours due to mental health issues


is the cost of presenteeism, employees being present at work whilst not at optimal performance, causing productivity loss


is the cost of staff members leaving organisations due to unhappiness and wellness issues

£1.5k loss for each of your employees every year

Thriving at Work – The Government Commissioned Independent Review of Mental Health and Employers

Who we work with

  • WellBe - Workplace Wellbeing that Works
  • WellBe - Workplace Wellbeing that Works
  • WellBe - Workplace Wellbeing that Works
  • WellBe - Workplace Wellbeing that Works
  • WellBe - Workplace Wellbeing that Works

What our customers
and clients think

  • WellBe has been a great platform & program for our FlyMates (employee) with regards to supporting their mental Health. From great online resources and content, check ins and counselling via their wellness coaches and fantastic webinars. Gemma and Ceara have been brilliant to partner with, caring, responsive, taking a really personal approach to tailor what we needed and be very flexible at the same time. The holistic program really helped our FlyMates when they needed it the most - to deal with some mental health issues and get them in a better frame of mind. We are very thankful for the support from WellBe.

    Kelly Hartman, Chief Wellness Officer, Flywire

  • I have been really impressed with WellBe. I have a young family and work in a fast paced target driven industry which can be challenging to manage so sometimes I find myself becoming very stressed. Having a coach call me weekly to check on my wellbeing and put me back on track has been incredibly helpful. My wellbeing specialist has also helped me focus on finding more time to do things for myself that make me happy, something we could all do within our busy lives.

    Talent Partner, Global{M}

  • Regular interaction with my wellbeing specialist has been hugely beneficial in setting goals and ensuring I am mindful of my own wellbeing. The resources on offer through the Wellness Hub are super helpful with a great library of webinars and written content that I've dipped into when I've needed some guidance, support and inspiration.

    Credit Risk Manager, Flywire

  • I very much enjoyed the experience with WellBe, in particular having my wellbeing specialist to speak with every week - it was very comforting. Being able to share my anxiety and state of mind with a complete stranger that was there to listen without judging was extremely helpful. Our weekly sessions have been what I enjoyed the most. I think the WellBe platform is great but what differentiates the service is the personalised approach and actually having a human being on the other side of tech who can walk with you as you learn how to navigate your own emotions.

    Principal, True Search

  • I very much enjoy the WellBe program, I feel the weekly goals and most importantly the weekly therapist has helped me very much. I also love the personalised that have been created for me as well as the other articles on the platform.

    Treasury, Flywire

  • At the initial stage of the WellBe program, I got the chance to fill in an assessment related to my wellbeing. The result was presented on the WellBe platform together with personal recommendations in a simple, creative and educational way. I really enjoyed that part - being able to see what areas on which I needed to focus more/less on. The icing on the cake was then the fact that articles, directly related to my result, were presented on my dashboard. The platform generated the material I personally needed. I would dare to say that the WellBe platform, together with 30-min coaching on a weekly basis, has had a significant impact on my wellbeing (which was measured to an increase of +200%). Pretty amazing. Thank you WellBe!

    Associate, True Search

  • WellBe has been especially invaluable to our employees' wellbeing this year providing an abundance of content to keep us physically and mentally well during these incredible times. Never have the lines between work and home been so blurred as in 2020. Partnering with WellBe has allowed Global M to really take employee wellbeing to an exemplary level for all of our valued staff.

    Ellie Baker, Operations & HR Executive, Global{M}

  • Like most companies during the pandemic, ELT Songs has endured its fair share of ups and downs. As the CEO and founder of a young startup, I’m only as good as my employees, and their mental wellbeing is paramount to the success of my Company. When considering solutions, what stood out about WellBe and continues to stand out, is the way they look at each individual on a personalised basis. They truly understand that one size doesn’t fit all and their platform is very preventative. Whilst we have seen this produce more engaged and happier employees, what is really important is the impact this has made to their lives, supporting them through a time when they needed it the most. Within the first month of using WellBe, I noticed a significant morale boost amongst my staff, which was clearly reflected in their quality of work and subsequently led to better results and continued success in business during a very difficult period. I cannot recommend WellBe enough and I believe they are building the future of mental health and preventative care.

    Jake Carter, CEO, ELT Songs

  • WellBe is a well-designed, user-friendly platform that provides support for mental health through articles, webinars, assessments and regular calls with WellBe specialists. Our employees are enthusiastic of the service it provides and many have reported experiencing some beneficial effects already after a few months. They particularly appreciated having access to mental health support in the current situation and receiving tips on how to deal with stress at work and how to improve their daily routine while working from home. Great experience so far!.

    Alice Babetto, Senior Human Resources Officer, GlobaLexicon

WellBe - Workplace Wellbeing that Works

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WellBe - Workplace Wellbeing that Works