How WellBe works

WellBe is a workplace mental health platform that empowers your employees to measure, understand and improve their mental wellbeing.

WellBe - Workplace Wellbeing that Works


Your employees fill our state-of-the-art psychological wellbeing assessment which helps to identify their strengths and development areas

Personalised plans

Based on each employee’s assessment data, we provide a personalised wellbeing plan to can be accessed within our wellness hub app

Wellness hub

The hub is personalised to each employee’s plan and will include mood check-ins, personalised articles, webinars, meditations, digital services and product recommendations as well as wellbeing goal monitoring

Coaches and therapists

We also assign a wellbeing specialist to your employee to support them to be at their best, happiest, most engaged and productive selves. WellBe also gives your employees access to book sessions with accredited coached and licensed therapists to assist them with their wellbeing

WellBe - Workplace Wellbeing that Works
WellBe - Workplace Wellbeing that Works

WellBe user insight


have seen an improvement in their mental wellbeing


increase in overall wellbeing


engagement rate


would recommend WellBe to a friend

Data is based on 3 months of research and of users interviewed